Garfield Minus Garfield by Paws, Inc.

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  1. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 said, 12 months ago

    Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

    Kirwan’s law: Anything that cannot go wrong, will go wrong.

  2. ChessPirate

    ChessPirate said, 12 months ago


    My favorite Murphy’s Law is “Murphy was an optimist.”

  3. gyroman12345

    gyroman12345 said, 12 months ago

    oh, the irony.

  4. Caldonia

    Caldonia GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    Ubiquitous counter breaks? What a shame, that’s the only furniture Jon has!!!

  5. natureboyfig4

    natureboyfig4 GoComics PRO Member said, 11 months ago

    I cant’ believe it: One that’s actually BETTER without Garfield!

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