Jul 11, 1992
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Garfield:  Ok Odie, let's check the list to make sure we've go everything.  Turkey baster, bubble gum, feather duster.
Odie:  Arf, arf, arf.
Garfield:  ...Raw liver, rubber bands, duct tape.
Odie:  Arf...arf...arf.
Garfield:  ...Moth balls, a nine iron, and the live trout.
Odie:  Arf arf arf.
Garfield:  Great! That's all of it! Let's go!
Jon:  Z.
Garfield:  I'd explain this, but it gets kind of technical.
Jon:  Z.  YAAAHH!! OKAY! OKAY! I'M UP!!!
Jul 13, 1992
Small u 201701251612

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