1. Bluedog
    Bilan 7 days ago

    You don’t get the underwater feeling until at least Wednesday.

  2. The lyons foundation 2  dreamstime
    Josh Lyons 7 days ago

    Now you see why scuba-divers seldom wear those outfits these days.

  3. Missing large
    bigpuma 7 days ago

    People say things like, “I’m not a morning person” as if it were a permanent condition. It’s not. (At least not for everybody.) I was in my 30s before I finally realized that I’d spent most of my life in a constant state of sleep deprivation. Once I learned to unwind, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and get a full night’s sleep, things changed for the better. I am definitely now a morning person. To this day, my family has a hard time believing that I can actually speak in full sentences at the breakfast table.

  4. My pic
    ChukLitl GC INSIDER 7 days ago

    I’d interpret that as; mummy for too much, weighted to the bottom for not enough, & arm yourself for Monday.

  5. Missing large
    water_moon 1 day ago

    My hubby wakes early- I stay up late. Worked GREAT when we had infants needing care in the night, I took them 10 pm – 2 am, he got them 4 -7:30 (I still had to nurse, but he did diaper duty and the getting up to bring them to me) as a result, a friend of mine who had her baby 2 weeks earlier was in a worse way sleep-wise than either of us were after the first week up til they were about 9 months.

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