Frazz by Jef Mallett


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  1. BaconBoyCamper

    BaconBoyCamper said, over 1 year ago

    Reminds me of a past Frazz:

    Frazz December 25 2005

    Thanks, Jef, for the past many years!

    A VERY Merry Christmas to All

  2. said, over 1 year ago


    Have a safe and wonderful New Year.
    From my family to yours.

  3. Varnes

    Varnes said, over 1 year ago

    Hey, I prefer motion lights to the ones that are on all night long….

  4. goblue562

    goblue562 said, over 1 year ago


    Yeah, but I hate the ones that suddenly turn on at 1:14am.. You wonder “WHO’S OUT THERE??” :) I’ve had people try to get into my house, the lights stay on all night. Sorry.

  5. Ewal Doh

    Ewal Doh GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago


    Those lights may startle you; but they spook anyone not being friendly. Steady state lighting is not a big thing to people who want to sneak around. Who’s going to be watching a moving shadow at 2:37?

  6. Tom Falco

    Tom Falco said, over 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas!

  7. jessegooddoggy

    jessegooddoggy said, over 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas and safe travels to all, including Mr. Mallet!

  8. Joan

    Joan GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago

    Att. bacon boy. I checked the strip from 2005. Thank you for the idea. That was great too. I enjoy this strip very much.

  9. Me3000

    Me3000 said, over 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas!

  10. bigpuma

    bigpuma said, over 1 year ago

    What a weird topic for a Christmas Day strip. At a time of year when the themes of sharing and good will toward men reign, Mr. Mallett has a self-centered Frazz wallowing in solitary pleasure-seeking tinged with peevishness. So inward looking and self-satisying, and so very much at odds with the Season’s traditional motifs.

    But, hey, it’s Christmas! I’ll imagine that Frazz spends the rest of the day hugging strangers on the street and handing wads of cash to the homeless.

  11. seismic-2

    seismic-2 GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago

    Marry Christmas and a sanctimonious New Year, Frazz!

  12. Wabbit

    Wabbit GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago


  13. AshburnStadium

    AshburnStadium said, over 1 year ago

    The latest thing are LED street lights. They use about half the energy of high-pressure sodium vapor lights, and about a quarter of the energy used by mercury vapor lights, which are still quite commonly found in rural areas.
    The LED’s also last many times longer, often beyond 10 years.

  14. georgelcsmith

    georgelcsmith said, over 1 year ago


    Among other things, Frazz is a jogger. As a former jogger, I can understand the beautiful solitude of a pre-dawn run. I can also understand his annoyance at anything that would interrupt his Christmas thoughts. I would in no way classify him as ego-centric. It’s an appropriate way for someone like Frazz to start Christmas day.

  15. bigpuma

    bigpuma said, over 1 year ago

    There’s not a lot to think about; it’s all right there: His wish is that his own thoughts and heartbeats be blessed. (That is odd.) He seeks a rush that can’t be shared. He resents the other humans’ annoying lighting.

    All I’m saying is that it’s incongruous, a highly unusual choice for Christmas. New Year’s, which is more of a personal goal-individual resolution thing, would make perfect sense. (But then he wouldn’t have had yesterday’s gag.)

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