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By Jef Mallett
Aug 27, 2013
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Girl: When a cardinal whistles, it sounds like every cardinal everywhere. When a person whistles, it doesn't even sound like the last thing he whistled. or anyone ever whistled. Or maybe that's just my dad.  Frazz: Oh, it's not just your dad.
Aug 29, 2013
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  1. Mc avatar
    flyertom  over 4 years ago

    I worked with a fellow who whistled tunelessly all day. It sounded like a steam leak, and drove everyone nuts.

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  2. Missing large
    vwdualnomand  over 4 years ago

    many people can whistle. some people can whistle through their teeth. others can whistle with fingers in their mouths. while others can whistle through their nostrils.

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  3. Image
    Olddog1  over 4 years ago

    And then there was the woman who complained about the new guy in the office. He was always whistling dirty songs.

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  4. Sophia loren 15
    twj0729  over 4 years ago

    Then there’s my Mother-in-Law, she “whistles” by exhaling and inhaling through pursed lips To her it sounded good! It made makes my flesh crawl! It’s like fingernails on a blackboard!

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  5. Dave red01
    Dave459  over 4 years ago

    Actually, Cardinals do have different whistles. There are three near my home that I can identify by the different songs they sing, and on a trip south [I’m from Ontario] through Tennessee and Florida I could hear regional variations.

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  6. Missing large
    jessegooddoggy  over 4 years ago

    Ravens can spot another raven a mile away and know if it is a “friend” or stranger! (Berhnd Heinrich, author of Mind of the Raven)

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  7. Spooky
    unca jim  over 4 years ago

    I could whistle tunes from my throat as a kid, but it all changed when I hit ‘the age of acne’….

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  8. Missing large
    amaryllis2 GC Insider over 4 years ago

    We had a mockingbird singing at midnight outside our bedroom and my husband sang back at it. There was a brief moment of silence as it considered, and then it sung his tune back at him. Yeah, we were pretty thrilled (to say the least. It was a very cool moment.)

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  9. Rwljlogo2
    The Wolf In Your Midst  over 4 years ago

    The cardinal would disagree… but how could we tell?

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  10. Missing large
    hearthknitter  over 4 years ago

    My dear departed Dad whistled beautifully. I miss it.

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  11. Missing large
    hippogriff  over 4 years ago

    vwdualnomand: I can whistle by curling my extended tongue and blowing through it. More women than men can curl their tongue, but I have never heard one whistle that way..Meowlin: “Put your lips together and blow” does not get a whistle – it is more of a pbbbft. The only way to get a tone that way is with a brass instrument between a cornetto and a tuba.

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  12. Missing large
    Jacki14  over 4 years ago

    That would be Big Rapids High School, Big Rapids, Michigan, from which Jef (and I) graduated.

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