Frazz by Jef Mallett


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  1. water_moon

    water_moon said, over 1 year ago

    there’s always something! weeds will sneak in any time the ground’s not frozen…..

  2. vwdualnomand

    vwdualnomand said, over 1 year ago

    what about rabbits? or, dumb cops thinking that sunflowers are drug plants? or, your nosy homeowners’ association thinking that anything on one’s lawn is an infraction, especially gardens.

  3. jessegooddoggy

    jessegooddoggy said, over 1 year ago


    Each summer a few bunnies live in the bean and corn patches of our community garden. The surrounding high desert is a harsh environment, so good for them, there is plenty to go around.

  4. jessegooddoggy

    jessegooddoggy said, over 1 year ago


    Homeowner’s associations, the nazis of suburbia.

  5. Katherine W

    Katherine W said, over 1 year ago

    Methinks she just wants to be one with Nature uninterrupted by children for the summer.

  6. Me3000

    Me3000 said, over 1 year ago

    i always find the best time to help someone is when there is nothing to do

  7. Lorenzo Browncoat

    Lorenzo Browncoat said, over 1 year ago

    Aw, c’mon, Mrs. O. You’ve gone as far as getting your arm broken for the kid. Make up something. Let her work in that garden with you.

  8. dzw3030

    dzw3030 said, over 1 year ago



  9. lightenup

    lightenup said, over 1 year ago

    @Lorenzo Browncoat

    I’m thinking that they’ll end up doing something together to combat her boredom. Maybe play board games together.

  10. annieb1012

    annieb1012 said, over 1 year ago

    I don’t think Mrs. O is generically bored, but that she’s sighing for some gardening work. Our garden is pretty much on its own right now, too, with a good layer of weed-suppressing mulch, a sprinkler system that keeps things watered, and a brief hiatus between flushes of flowers needing deadheading. There are plenty of good books to read, and other hobbies, but Mrs. O’s favorite hobby just isn’t available right now.

  11. Potrzebie

    Potrzebie said, over 1 year ago

    Play a game with her while sipping lemonade and eating pastries. That should suffice.

  12. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, over 1 year ago

    Don’t you wonder why you have to strive mightily to keep your garden while the weeds need no help?

  13. bigpuma

    bigpuma said, over 1 year ago

    I feel certain Mr. Mallett will come up with something more unusual than playing a board game. We’ll see.

  14. lmonteros

    lmonteros said, over 1 year ago

    She should live in Southern California. There is NEVER a fallow season. Mowing all year ‘round. Which is why I’m sorely tempted to put in concrete….

  15. comicsssfan

    comicsssfan said, over 1 year ago

    There is always something to read in various forms.

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