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By Jef Mallett
Dec 21, 2002
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"Man. It's snowed, like, once and it stuck for about a minute and turned to mud." "What happened to our white Christmas?" "I think El Nino, or La Nina." "I don't care if it's Al Rocker. Don't we have a right to a white Christmas?" "1) We only get a white Christmas here maybe half the time, revisionist memory and popular culture notwithstanding. 2) Much of the country- world, really- never sees any snow to speak of, ever." "3) The white Christmas may, in fact, be a myth. 3a) Christ may not have been born during winter; scholars can't nail down a date. 3b) The December 25 date probably came about when early Christians crashed the existing celebration in an effort to win pagan converts. 3c) In any event, Bethlehem is hardly the hot ski destination, if you catch my drift." "Well..." "Um..." "Whatever." "If you can't score with a quality answer, try quantity."
Dec 23, 2002
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