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Frank and Ernest

By Thaves
Mar 23, 2013
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Frank: Today we'll talk with Professor Ernie about some lesser-known units of measurement. Let's start with the "light-year"...
Ernest: A "light year" is a unit of time measuring how long somebody stays on their diet. In most cases it's counted in small fractions. 
Frank: No. A light-year is a unit of length equal to the distance light travels in a year, about six trillion miles!
Frank: What about the "Angstrom"?
Ernest: The "ANGSTrom" is a measurement of anxiety levels!
Frank: Incorrect again. It's another unit of length--it's used to describe atomic-level distances. 
Frank: Here's one which isn't a unit of length. What does "foot-pound" measure?
Ernest: That's obvious. Kickboxer punches!
Mar 25, 2013
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