Jan 12, 2014
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Jason: Want to test drive my new photo sharing app for teens?
Peter: What's it do?
Jason: It prevents the photos you send to friends from being shared with other people in ways that might hurt you down the road with colleges and potential employers.
Peter: Isn't that kind of what Snapchat does?
Jason: People can still share screenshots of your Snapchats. My app hinders this by breaking photos into individual bits and transmitting them one at a time, really, really, really slowly. Before your friends can even VIEW your potentially embarrassing photos, you'll have already had sufficient time to graduate college and secure  good job. If the photos are high enough resolution, you could even squeeze in grad school. 
Peter: Nice! Everyone I know will want this!
Jason: Basically it simulates an old dial-up modem. 
Peter: Wait...Those were real?? I always thought Dad was kidding!
Jan 26, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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