May 12, 2013
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Andy: Shouldn't you be studying?? It's finals week!
Peter: Mom, relax. Jason's upstairs working on my simulator as we speak. 
Andy: Your what?
Peter: I'm paying him to write me a computer app that will simulate taking the final exam in each one of my classes. It should be pretty sweet. He's using the 3-D engine from "Haloshock Tournament". Astronauts train with simulators, soldiers train with simulators, even some doctors now train with simulators...I figure it's gotta be an effective learning tool, right?
Andy: Peter, your first two tests are tomorrow!
Peter: Jason says if you'll waive his bedtime tonight he can deliver a working beta by 4:30 a.m. that'll give me a solid three hours for training. You're cool with that, right? I mean, my semester grades are at stake. Make sure the simulator accounts for my eardrums being destroyed. 
Jason: Was that mom screaming? She's getting louder, have you noticed?
May 26, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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