Sep 30, 2012
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boy: Ok, what pass pattern do you want to run?
Peter: I'm thinking a "Peter Fox special".
boy: What's that?
Peter: That's where I sprint down the field like I'm going deep, all the while doing leaping 360s. Then I juke right and cut left...then I juke left and cut right...then I head for the post...then I head for the flag...Then I slow down and fake a leg cramp...Then I speed up and zigzag over to the sideline...Then I trot past the two dozen adoring cheerleaders screaming for my phone number...Then I confuse the defense by stopping to tie my shoes...then I moonwalk...then I -
boy: Peter, knock it off!
Peter: Too long and complicated?
boy: No, you're copying me! That's my "Steve Riley Special"!
Peter: Well, in your version, the cheerleaders are clearly faking adoration.
Oct 14, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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