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  1. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, over 5 years ago

    Modern art- the ability to sell someone on the idea that something has characteristics that don’t exist or represents something that it doesn’t. The real art is in selling it to some sucker that will actually pay for something that, as Douglas Adams put it “belongs in the Museum of Diseased Imaginings.”

  2. Faraz masroor

    Faraz masroor said, over 5 years ago

    Make it fully functional!

  3. trimeta

    trimeta said, over 5 years ago

    @Faraz masroor

    I think you mean “fully armed and operational.”

  4. yyyguy

    yyyguy said, over 5 years ago

    like the $400,000 the Canadian government paid for a work of “art” that was essential a stripe down the middle of a canvas. i prefer pictures.

  5. tudzax2

    tudzax2 said, over 5 years ago

    If it’s all about the money, then why did Rothko return all the money he got for his Four Seasons commission? It was a good bit of money.

    You don’t have to look too hard to find serious people making serious art that is not representational. You don’t have to like all of it, but I would guess you’d find some that you did like.

  6. AnonymousUser

    AnonymousUser said, over 5 years ago

    To this day nobody had explained to me how art is defined. I could throw a bucket of paint on a white wall and with the right words convince people it’s art.

  7. Damian Trapp

    Damian Trapp said, over 5 years ago

    Wow, a life size Star Destroyer would be so epic! Now he’s got me excited…

  8. Lewreader

    Lewreader said, over 5 years ago

    That’s nice Jason. Now put it in the trash while I serve dinner.

  9. cjammer

    cjammer said, over 5 years ago

    Today’s strip is a work of art. Refreshingly positive, it’s one of the few times the Foxtrot parental units gives the kids some sincere praise for non-bratty behavior.

  10. James

    James said, over 5 years ago

    What part of “artsy-fartsy” doesn’t she understand? Have you ever heard of ‘over-analyzing’?

  11. DouglasDDouglas

    DouglasDDouglas said, over 5 years ago

    …. another brick in the strip …..

  12. packratjohn

    packratjohn said, over 5 years ago

    Art is simply creative expression, and has no inherent monetary value. That dollar value is defined as what someone will pay for the art. The true value of art is in the perception of the observer, so what may be worthless to you may be invaluable to me.

  13. Doctor11

    Doctor11 GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    And yet some artwork becomes both famous AND valuable after the artist is dead. Also, Andy better stop Jason before he tries to build that Death Star.

  14. person918

    person918 said, over 5 years ago

    I think this quote from the Stuckists does a good job explaining the average person’s confusion and annoyance with the post-modern art scene today: "Stuckists claim that conceptual art is justified by the work of Marcel Duchamp, but that Duchamp’s work is ‘anti-art by intent and effect’. The Stuckists feel that “Duchamp’s work was a protest against the stale, unthinking artistic establishment of his day”, while ‘the great (but wholly unintentional) irony of postmodernism is that it is a direct equivalent of the conformist, unoriginal establishment that Duchamp attacked in the first place’."

  15. Dry and Dusty

    Dry and Dusty GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    Back about 10 years ago, when my kids were still into Legos, Legos used to have a contest for the most innovative, original item made strictly out of Legos. Some of those designs were amazing. The contest was only open to children.

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