Nov 29, 2009
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Peter: Whatcha doing?
Jason: Making a miniature R.V. out of these plastic building blocks. It's transporting a frozen waffle along with several expectant mothers obsessed with "Rocky IV", from the tip of South America to a country in Southeastern Europe.
Peter: Ok.......
Jason: Here. Grab it from me.
Peter: What for?
Jason: Just grab it. Leggo my Eggo-carrying Lego winnebago full of preggo fans of Drago en route to Montenegro frome Tierra del Fuego which is south of Sand Diego.
Peter: Remind me to start hiding your "Pearls Before Swine" books.
Jason: You still haven't returned my "Calvin" books after that noodle incident, by the way.
Dec 13, 2009
Small u 201701251613

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