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By Bill Amend
Apr 22, 2007
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Peter: Aren't you going to answer that? Paige: No. And don't you, either. I checked the caller I.D. and it's geeky Morton Goldthwait. I'm sure he's calling to ask me out, he's been trying every 15 minutes. Peter: Why isn't the answering machine picking up? Paige: I unplugged it. If he leaves a message, I'm obligated to call him back. I'll have to hid from him at school now, also. It'll be a little tricky at lunch... I'll probably just eat in the girls' bathroom. Peter: How long do you plan to do this? Paige: However long it takes for him to give up. Days... weeks... months... Voice: Morton, dear, did you let Paige Fox know you found her wallet? Boy: Still no answer.
May 6, 2007
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