F Minus by Tony Carrillo

F Minus


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  1. Cowboy Vampire

    Cowboy Vampire said, 12 months ago

    I would love to have a stop sign for personal use!

  2. Barry Carter

    Barry Carter said, 12 months ago

    A girl stole a stop sign when she was 14. Seven years later, she and I collided because of the missing sign. We were both fine, but her luxury sports car suffered damage, whereas my car suffered none. KARMA!

  3. JudasPeckerwood

    JudasPeckerwood said, 12 months ago

    @Barry Carter

    Sooooo… you’re saying that the stop sign that the girl stole went unreplaced for seven years? Wow, where do you live — Somalia?

  4. Mark

    Mark said, 12 months ago

    No, she was carrying the sign, obscuring her vision, when she bumped into barrycarter. He overreacted and keyed her car. But you can’t say “KARMA!” after the story if you explain all that…

  5. JudasPeckerwood

    JudasPeckerwood said, 12 months ago


    HA! Awesome!

  6. jmcx4

    jmcx4 said, 12 months ago

    @Barry Carter

    I’ve heard those Karmas are very well built automobiles.

  7. lkchen

    lkchen said, 12 months ago

    Yeah…a stop sign….way better than the no parking sign I got left holding after a wild night in my youth.

  8. angusdad

    angusdad said, 12 months ago


    I loved those old Karma Ghias

  9. hippogriff

    hippogriff said, 12 months ago

    angusdad: Classy looking car, but still just a beetle with even less cargo space.

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