Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher

Benitin y Eneas

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  1. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, about 3 years ago

    Good morning, vagabonds. Yesterday I finally found the courage to go out shopping. I had thought I’d freeze becaause of the change of seasons, but as soon as I got outside I had to hang my light jacket onto my shopping card and walked a half a mile each way to the store and caame home sweating.

    The potluck Suka at my synagogue was great. My Azeri house guest came with me and we met a lot of interesting people including someone who was my autosomal DNA match several years ago. We don’t know exactly how we are related, probably 5th or 6th cousins.

    Today is Simchat Torah, when the Torah has been read to the end and we celebrate reading it from the first chapter of Genesis this Saturday by dancing with the Torah scroll.

  2. woodworker318

    woodworker318 said, about 3 years ago

    Good morning Vagabonds.
    @Arye: You certainly lead an active life with all the festivals you go to.

    Starting to warn back up again so I am back to wearing my shorts. No rain in sight.

  3. JanCinLV

    JanCinLV said, about 3 years ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    Winds here up to 85 MPH. Lots of fun. I have a tree that is leaning to the point of uprooting the sprinkler line next to it. I have someone coming tomorrow to take a look at it. I hope I don’t lose the tree, but it doesn’t look good.

    I had a blast at the dealer’s school this morning. I went ahead and enrolled. I’ve had exactly one hour of training, and I got to spend a little time in the “box” (being a dealer). I dealt three hand to the other students and didn’t do too bad for my first day. I’ve been practicing shuffling the “official” way, using an ironing board as a substitute for the padded gaming table surface. There are two advantages to being a poker dealer rather than the other table games. 1) you get to sit down. and 2) you get to keep your tips instead of pooling them with the other dealers.

  4. davidf42

    davidf42 said, about 3 years ago

    Morning, Vagabonds.

  5. dkram

    dkram said, about 3 years ago

    Good morning Vagabonds.
    The clouds are still here, ENOUGH!
    Well today is the first day since spring that the dark is longer then the light. 11hrs 57mins of daylight.
    See you in the spring, I’ll be hibernating under the big rock in the woods. I wish.
    Nuff of the silly, see you on the morrow.

  6. Montana  Lady

    Montana Lady said, about 3 years ago

    Morning, Vagabonds,

    Yearly eye exam today. Then, off to Great Falls for Jack’s platelet donation.

    We had a cold nite……….36 degrees, with just gentle rain. So far, the canyon we have to drive through looks clear.

    Jan, that sounds like lots of fun! I like the part about the tips, too!


    SWEETBILL said, about 3 years ago

    Beautiful here today 70’s
    Were starting our last Thurs card game for the season @ 4
    as it’s getting darker earlier, also those in our group are
    also getting ready to go South for the Winter same as me.

    Have a nice day and be safe

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