Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher

Benitin y Eneas

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  1. Shirttail Slim

    Shirttail Slim said, over 3 years ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds

  2. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, over 3 years ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds. yesterday, a Parisian lady emailed me about family we had in common via the Jewish Family Finder. It turns out that her gr gr grandmother was my gr grandmother’s sister, making us 3rd cousins once removed. This the part of my family whose descendants I know nothing about.

    @DAVID now that you’re almost retired I hope you’ll be assembling your own family tree.

  3. Shirttail Slim

    Shirttail Slim said, over 3 years ago

    Go to Google (Not Chrome)
    Type in “Shirttail Slim” and click search
    Find lonewolf/Shirttail Slim Albums and click
    You now have my CD there.
    Bookmark it before playing, and the CD is one click away.

    Should have thought of it long ago.

  4. davidf42

    davidf42 said, over 3 years ago

    Morning, Vagabonds.
    Seven days.
    Arye, I began the tree years and years ago, but put it away several years ago for lack of time. Now that I’m retiring, I intend to get back to it.

    Slim – Great idea, putting your album on line like that. I’ve bookmarked it and will listen to the songs later.

    I watched one of my favorites last night on TCM – To Kill a Mockingbird.

  5. dkram

    dkram said, over 3 years ago

    Good morning Vagabonds.
    We have sun shine this morning, but it’s still a little gloomy.
    I had a “Frankenstein” moment this morning, I looked in the mirror and realized, "IT"S ALIVE"
    Have fun.

  6. Montana  Lady

    Montana Lady said, over 3 years ago

    Good Morning, Village,

    75 yesterday, and 51 this a.m. But, it’s gonna be HOT today, supposed to get up to 84.

    Slim…….love your album! I’ve listened to it before, and made a few comments. You’ll see which one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing again. It’s neat to hear your voice!

    Garden is sprouting all over……..a few more weeks and we’ll enjoy some veggies. There are two green tomatoes already.

  7. woodworker318

    woodworker318 said, over 3 years ago

    Good morning to all Vagabonds.
    The weather yesterday was great, about 80, and today is about the same. We finally got out into the yard to try and clean it up. Trimmed overgrown bushes and weeded the garden again so we can put in our tomato plants and green beans. What a job. We were very tired last night so we sent out for a pizza.

  8. JanCinLV

    JanCinLV said, over 3 years ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    Final week, David. Time to get excited now.

    Rita, what I wouldn’t give for your high temperature around here. Usually that’s where it hovers at night during the summer. I finally did bite the bullet and leave the AC turned down to 80 at night. I figure the small amount it will cost to keep us a few degrees cooler are worth not waking up in a pool of sweat every morning.


    SWEETBILL said, over 3 years ago


    This AM went to see my GP Doc for my once a year when come up too Upstate NY from GA. Everything fine except
    he wants to have me get a Echo cardigram on my heart
    which I’ll get Wed.
    Finally sunny here 70’s and will warm up later in the week-
    TG- Ya’ll sound great…

    @SS- will check that out- THANK YOU

    @dkram- LOL

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