1. David foster avatar
    davidf42  10 days ago

    So, cougars, and not wolves, are eating the pigs?

  2. Caughtupinthelaughter1
    Mark Sowards gc insider 10 days ago

    Naawww, the world is going to the dogs.

  3. Not fun forbunners
    Furlips  10 days ago

    If this was on Fur Affinity or Inkbunny, the next page would be in the bedroom.


  4. Limpid
    mr_sherman gc insider 10 days ago

    Like mark said, someone is trying to be top dog in the town.

  5. Penguins
    DADOF3  10 days ago

    Picked a bad time to come home…

  6. Docrat logo avatar
    Jenner gc insider 10 days ago

    So there’s a food shortage, but evidently not a martini shortage.

  7. Stressedout
    Erwin Schwartz gc insider 10 days ago

    You can produce alcohol from beans. In fact there is a distillery in Texas that produces vodka from black eyed peas.

  8. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat gc insider 10 days ago

    Hmmm… Curious-er and curious-er…

  9. Gocomic 2c
    RickD gc insider 10 days ago

    That’s Velda…Jerkrabbit’s “advisor”/“confidant”/“agent”. She’s the one who manipulated Panda Allgood to get suckered into the Milk Trial events. She’s no fool. And this appears to be Cooper meeting with…whomever this other person is, and being sent away because-I assume-of Velda being there. So, is it just coincidence that Velda is here…or is she gathering intelligence for Jerkrabbit?

  10. Img 0007
    Richard Barton gc insider 10 days ago

    Plans within plans. If you remember Animal Farm…..the pigs used the dogs. Looks like turnabout…….dogs using the pigs.

  11. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  10 days ago

    “Boss, we gots problems.”

    “Come later. I have a headache now.”

  12. Leapsheep
    Coyoty gc insider 10 days ago

    Since the Velda’s friend is trying to keep her in the dark about Cooper, I’m assuming Velda is still loyal to Jackrabbit. But she should be more careful about her friend, and what she says. It sounds a lot like insinuation, not sincerity. Dog Lady’s spreading false rumors about wolves and cannibalism. That implies the bones were planted to be intentionally found.

    I don’t think Cooper thought the information he was feeding Foxworthy was untrustworthy and encouraging people to eat people, until Foxworthy figured it out and told him. Now he wants answers from Dog Lady. He may suspect that her group intended for there to be cannibalism, or the appearance of it, as a result of the food shortage hoax, and for the wolves to be blamed for it. He doesn’t want to be played for a fool, or have others like Foxworthy think he’s playing them.

    Aaron may be playing a double-blind game here. We’re used to nothing in Endtown being what it seems. We think he’s plotting something sneaky like the bones actually coming from the graveyard. (Why DO they seal the graves with concrete? To discourage grave robbers or actual cannibals?) But he may be turning our expectations on us and making everything exactly what it seems. That’s where all the truth lies.

    It seems that the cannibalism is real, but it’s not the wolves who are to blame. It seems that there’s a food shortage hoax, but the hoax may be a hoax, and there’s an actual food shortage because all the food’s gone bad and those who know are covering up their own cannibalism.

  13. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan  10 days ago

    Another example of a good frenemyship..

  14. Pc1
    TheDOCTOR  9 days ago

    Maybe there’s a couple named “Hawkeye” & “Trapper” working a still somewhere in Endtown.

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