By Aaron Neathery
  1. Img 0007
    Richard Barton GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    I thought his platform was to rise from the underground and kick Topsider butts. Take action and take back what rightfully belongs to them. Now he states a six year surplus? Interesting…….

  2. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 9 days ago

    Is the six year food supply pork? Is the rabbit the real villain in this arc?

  3. Mecopy
    A_Dream4u 9 days ago

    We’ll see if the “food” (Beans) are still there Monday!

  4. Gocomic 2c
    RickD GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    If the rabbit isn’t behind the disappearances, then whoever is is might be trying to plant the idea that there’s a food shortage to justify the “harvest” of disappearing people.

  5. Stressedout
    Erwin Schwartz GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    Does the “six year stockpile” mean a surplus or a finite end of the food supply?

  6. Limpid
    mr_sherman GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    Is that information six years old?

  7. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    As someone who used to work for a newspaper, I know… You can’t just sneak in stories/advertisements. There are protocols that must be followed to ensure that the production of each newspaper issue goes smoothly. I can’t believe that these stories are being snuck in without the proper authorization. Someone at the top of the pile is behind this, and I fear it won’t end with all the pigs disappearing. If this mystery is not solved soon, who knows which animal-type will be next. Someone may be in the mood for a rabbit stew…

  8. Lady dragoncat
    Dragoncat GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    Good luck getting Dottie to look into this! She’s having way too much fun posting stories about poor, innocent wolves getting clobbered by police to wonder how much food is really in the fridge.

  9. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 9 days ago

    Rabbit’s artwork is particularly Disney-esque, in my opinion. Of course, they don’t show Song of the South anymore, so it’s hard to compare.

  10. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 9 days ago

    Or, was I thinking Alice. As in Wonderland, not the Restaurant. But wait – that might be next: Rabbit stew in Alice’s Restaurant! (Just have to wait for it to come around on the guitar, now…)

  11. Scribble can
    Three Steps Over Japan 9 days ago

    Told you. Buttloads of food. Just doling it out REALLY slowly. 6 years’ worth, if only 3 people are doing the eating.

  12. Smaug
    the other ghost girl 9 days ago

    maybe the issue is that rabbit is factoring the milk and eggs that are now legal to consume.

    Just because it’s legal now doesn’t mean that people are actually going to eat it, not to mention share what they produce when they can use it to feed themselves or their families.

  13. Video snapshot
    Baslim the Beggar GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    @Dragoncat: It looks like the rabbit is stewing already…

  14. Leapsheep
    Coyoty GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    It’s not just basics like beans. Security at least has a good supply of food people really want to eat, like steaks, and it’s not anyone anyone knows. Flask said the good stuff is one of the perks of the job.

  15. Leapsheep
    Coyoty GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    Up until the Council was dissolved, though, everyone was under the impression that the food situation was dire enough that they had to send people outside to risk their lives finding more food. Was it all a lie to keep people under control? The Duchess and Marx could have arranged for enough food to last until it was safe to leave Endtown.

    Marx said Jacob needed to be in control for the greater good. The crisis may not have been uncovered yet, and Jacob will be the one to find out what secrets have been kept from the people of Endtown. As the main source of information for the town, the newspaper is the best way to control the information everyone gets, and the information everyone doesn’t get.

  16. Cat3
    Nabuquduriuzhur 9 days ago

    Doesn’t sound like they are doing that well in an earlier strip:http://www.gocomics.com/endtown/2011/08/18

  17. Missing large
    Robert Nowall GC INSIDER 9 days ago

    I don’t like to read that anonymous stuff unless I know who wrote it.

  18. Stressedout
    Erwin Schwartz GC INSIDER 8 days ago

    Sow-lent Green – - – It’s people of the porcine variety. I’m sure Charlton Heston never said it that way.

  19. Cat3
    Nabuquduriuzhur 8 days ago

    re: Erwin Schwartz

    “Sowlent Green is People! You gotta tell ’em!”

    (Anyone else having trouble with the comment system. I can’t open some of the comments.)

  20. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 8 days ago

    Neil Wick, a commentator in Dick Tracy, came up with an extension that cures most comment problems. It works like this:

  21. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 8 days ago

    Neil Wick, commentator in Dick Tracy, came up with a decent temporary fix: Add ?comments=visible to the end of the URL string. Makes most of the problems go away.

  22. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 8 days ago

    Vis: gocomics.com/endtown becomes gocomics.com/endtown?comments=visible

  23. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 8 days ago

    Not obvious above, but there is no space or character between “?” and “comments=visible”

  24. Wg flag donut9
    cheapskate0 8 days ago


  25. Hercules club
    Alexikakos 8 days ago


    I got this fix for comments that don’t open from ChessPirate’s comment on “B.C.” Saturday, May 20, 2017.


    1) copy this




    2) Go to the U.R.L. in the comic’s address box and paste this without spaces directly at the end of the U.R.L. like this….


    From this…


    to this…



    3) Either click the “search arrow” now in the address bar or press “Enter.”

    The comic will refresh itself, and all the comments’ replies will be readable if clicked upon.

    If using it on a past comic, just place    ?comments=visible    as above directly behind the date.


  26. Missing large
    Robert Nowall GC INSIDER 7 days ago

    I couldn’t make the comments visible yesterday for a while…the problem seems to have gone away by itself. The constant having to sign in hasn’t changed much, though.

  27. Missing large
    NeuroManson 6 days ago

    If that’s 6 years of beans, the smell should have reached the topsiders by now. Perhaps they need an alternate food source (and with the sensitivity of wolves noses, who wouldn’t get grumpy living in a bottled fart?).

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