Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan said, over 2 years ago

    That’s Sarah, always the responsible adult of the group.

  2. Melkior

    Melkior said, over 2 years ago

    When people don’t wanna talk about it… that’s usually the time they most need to.

  3. JusSayin

    JusSayin said, over 2 years ago

    Sarah,… Tuck in the mouse and tell her a bedtime story?

    About Voting, maybe?

    You’re gonna need two bundling boards.

    Vote ENDTOWN

    Vote Doc Rat

    Vote Hubris

    Vote Kevin and Kell



  4. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, over 2 years ago

    Stuck in medieval Medina.

  5. Merri

    Merri said, over 2 years ago

    Nice. Her husband followed her into mutanthood because she had cancer, and he wanted her to be well, and now he’s “you people”?

  6. A_Dream4u

    A_Dream4u said, over 2 years ago

    Things are changing for Sarah, even though she may be reluctant to do so.
    She used the term “you people”.

  7. Aconite

    Aconite said, over 2 years ago

    Maybe the ‘Us’ vs “You People” is part of some lizard brain mindset. Like the species change mental shift people have to work through when first becoming a mutant. She’s going within instead of being open as she was when not a mutant. Struggling with the feeling that staying with the reptiles feels right to her now. So she distances the others to make the pushing away easy.

  8. cheapskate0

    cheapskate0 said, over 2 years ago

    Was Sarah ever open before she was a mutant?

  9. Robert Nowall

    Robert Nowall GoComics PRO Member said, over 2 years ago

    At least Sarah let them out of their carrying cases…

  10. crookedwolf

    crookedwolf GoComics PRO Member said, over 2 years ago


    This being Neathery’s World, I sure wasn’t expecting “Happily Ever After”! ;-)

  11. Salen Stormwing

    Salen Stormwing said, over 2 years ago


    “…and then when they opened the ballot boxes… They found… Hanging Chads!”
    Is that a scary enough bedtime story about voting?

  12. cindyorch

    cindyorch said, over 2 years ago

    me thinks Sarah was NOT a good candidate for mutation……

  13. Darwinskeeper

    Darwinskeeper said, over 2 years ago


    I was going to ask “husband?” as the exact relationship between Sarah and Jim has not been stated. Still, for a Topsider male to follow someone into mutant hood because he loved her is showing more devotion than many spouses display. Before the mutation, Sarah asked Jim to stand by her, no matter what. I have the funny feeling she won’t reciprocate that.

  14. aircraft-engineer

    aircraft-engineer said, over 2 years ago


    MUTATE OR DIE – not much of a choice…

  15. Wabbit

    Wabbit GoComics PRO Member said, over 2 years ago


    well she was using him. She was probably too sick and afraid she couldn’t do it alone.
    She very easily forgot to pretend, and love makes one do things they normally wouldn’t do.
    It was pretty hard living in a bio-suit, drinking your own pee, I know it was purified, but still, and never really knowing what anyone else really looked like.
    Jim maybe was feeling like Blackie about being a topsider.

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