The Duplex by Glenn McCoy

The Duplex

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  1. beviek

    beviek GoComics PRO Member said, 4 months ago

    If the judge wasn’t telling Eno where to find the beer, Eno wasn’t listening.

  2. Llewellenbruce

    Llewellenbruce said, 4 months ago

    Where I live a person stuck on a jury only gets $15.00
    a day. How’s the bread winner of the family suppose
    to pay the bills if they’re on a trial that lasts a long time?

  3. 2old, but not really!

    2old, but not really! GoComics PRO Member said, 4 months ago

    What jury would name Eno foreman? I would call a mistrial if he was the foreman!

  4. Proginoskes

    Proginoskes said, 4 months ago

    “And you weren’t listening to what the crabby old lady said about you, Your Honor.”

  5. BrassOrchid

    BrassOrchid GoComics PRO Member said, 4 months ago

    I think this new system could work. The last member left on the jury gets to decide.

  6. LingeeWhiz

    LingeeWhiz said, 4 months ago

    And now they are going to have to go back and vote on whether or not to keep the judge!

  7. jrtmanmd

    jrtmanmd GoComics PRO Member said, 4 months ago

    Eno sure gets on a lot of of jury duty!

  8. Vegas Viper

    Vegas Viper said, 4 months ago


    $15 a day is great for Eno.

  9. pierreandnicole

    pierreandnicole said, 4 months ago

    No, I wasn’t My Lady.

  10. Cor Blymie

    Cor Blymie GoComics PRO Member said, 3 months ago

    The effects of too much ‘reality’ TV, maybe? As I recall, being ‘voted off the island’ came from Survivor, but I’m barely familiar with anything comparable running now.

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