Feb 19, 2017
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25 ways to deal with stress
1. Eat a mystery melon
2. Fall in a yoga hole
3. Bop a field mouse on the noggin
4. Dump a junk bucket on a snowy hill
5. Think about a nut
6. Tug on an unknown tail 
7. Spend fewer days in marco's closet
8. prance all over the graves of the wicked
9.  call yourself "Kimono Jones"
10. Scamper up a Christmas chimney
11. Smack a methodist right in the god spot
12. Burp into a white-gloved hand
13. Say "get a friggin' life, Jerry" to jerry
14. Bathe your conjoined twin
15. Found an island nation
16. Slip a dove to a dark-eyed Stranger
17. Roll a peach down hollywood boulevard
18. crane your next until it explodes
19. ride slumpy on a big ol' bronco
20. squish a flock of english gentlemen
21. hoard sacks of various sizes
22. write a message on a long bone
23. sleep in a jelly hut
24. kiss a filthy sailor
25. vanish in the woods

You should eat a mystery melon
Burn in hell, bruce
Mar 2, 2017
Small u 201701131247

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