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8 ways to escape a painful conversation
Let me tell you about politics 
Lord take me now

1. Cough loudly. Say, "I am dying like in the movies." Reveal a red-spattered napkin. Crawl away moaning.
2. Rub your knees together until a plume of smoke appears. Disappear in the haze. As night ninjas do.
3. Pretend that you are choking. When they say What's wrong? Say America demands too much.
4. Find a sword. Fall on it until you perish. Fly to heaven.
5. Sit on the ground. Rock back and forth while saying, "I have butt worms." Conversation = over.
6. Make a sound that does not exist in this world or the next. Let terror descend. No more fun talkie time.
7. Sock the speaker in the nostril. Apologize. Then: flee.
8. Go to the bathroom. Lock the door. Slide out the window like a rigid banana. California Jailbreak.
Feb 1, 2017
Small u 201701131247

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