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  1. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, over 3 years ago

    “We’re having this national conversation, and our elected representatives are getting cold feet, because people don’t know what the carnage looks like. Out of respect and decency, and for the dignity of the victims, we very rightly don’t show the carnage the first responders see, or the carnage the medical examiners see at the morgue.
    As a very young U.S. Army Captain, I led a few hundred men in combat for a year. I was always there with them before, during, and after.
    I not only know what it looks like, with mental images any combat veteran will confirm linger for a lifetime, I also know what I thought as I walked among bodies. They looked human but the spark we call life was gone. I couldn’t bring it back. I was totally helpless to snatch back that life gone away.
    Our legislators, and the public, only see the pictures of victims from when they were alive. It creates the delusion that they only went away. It dulls the pain of a lost loved one but it also dulls the clarity that supports the courage to ban public ownership of combat assault weapons.
    It’s time our Federal representatives get some backbone and take action to restore the dignity of this nation as a place of pragmatic common sense.
    This is not about ending gun ownership. It’s about removing from public sales devices with very fast human-killing capability that are not suited for hunting or home defense.
    Are Federal legislators going to cower before fear mongering or pass laws needed to protect the public?”
    Thanks to Liam Jumper, SC

  2. Stephen Thoemmes

    Stephen Thoemmes said, over 3 years ago


    Thank you Sir for your service and your thoughtful and accurate reply. Regrettably it will probably take the disclosure of the on scene photos of the Sandy Hook victims to prompt action. Spending 8 years as a fire department medic has left me marked forever with images of people killed by others. It is easy for folks to scream “Freedom” but once they or a family member are a victim of violence their tune will quickly change.

  3. ggorgar

    ggorgar said, over 3 years ago

    Really not funny……

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