Drabble by Kevin Fagan


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  1. Agent54

    Agent54 said, 7 months ago

    Add Coco puffs or Froot Loops and you sold me one.

  2. Bartholomew Orso

    Bartholomew Orso said, 7 months ago

    Praise the Lords of Gluttony and pass the Tums! ;-D

  3. Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)

    Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper) said, 7 months ago

    Just might wanta drop a few raisins on there Ralph…Oh and maybe chop up a banana too….

  4. TammiFunnies

    TammiFunnies said, 7 months ago

    June’s right this time. At least Ralph will never go to the Heart Attack Grill…. I hope.

  5. Mourdac

    Mourdac said, 7 months ago

    Needs a piece of lettuce to make it “healthy”

  6. Dr Dave

    Dr Dave said, 7 months ago

    ‘Forgot Bacon?!’
    That’s just crazy talk

  7. Llywus

    Llywus said, 7 months ago

    One of my favorite sandwiches is the PB&B – peanut butter and bacon!

  8. Dr.Midnight

    Dr.Midnight said, 7 months ago

    Ralph should try a “Sinner’s Sandwich.”

  9. 2old, getting younger!

    2old, getting younger! GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago


    Did you hear that the “best” customer of the Heart Attack Grill actually had a heart attack at the restaurant and died there!

  10. Donald Ostrem

    Donald Ostrem said, 7 months ago

    Bacon! Always Bacon! Right now, I’ve seen bacon on an ice cream sundae to some people who are trying to open up a “Bacon-themed” restaurant. Yuck! Obsessed over bacon.

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