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By Garry Trudeau
Apr 13, 2013
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George W. Bush: I don't know why everyone says being president ages you... I haven't changed a bit! Jeb Bush: So as I say in my book, we need to take another look at self-deportation. George Bush Sr.: Oh, no... George W. Bush: Unbelievable! George Bush Sr.: Flip-flop city! What's gotten into Jebby? George W. Bush: Beats me, dad. But he's not going to become the next president Bush if he keeps acting like Mitt Romney! When I was the presidency, I had three core principles-- freedom, torture and freedom! And I never wavered! Little bro should learn from that! George Bush Sr.: Well, I guess there's still time for him to figure it out... George W. Bush: C'mon, dad. You're not fooling me. You're afraid. George Bush Sr.: I am? Of what? George W. Bush: That he'll trash the family name. Don't worry-- I'll keep an eye on him.
Apr 15, 2013
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