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By Garry Trudeau
Nov 10, 2012
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Toggle: G-g-good work-out, lieutenant... miss... phys... physical part of... being soldier. B.D.: So how's marriage working out for you, Toggle? Toggle: M-m-my marriage to... total mystery, lieu... lieutenant! B.D.: Why's that? Toggle: Because it... it feels so normal! I... I... still w-walking around with head f-f-full of war, and Alex just... r-r-rolls with it! I'd be... t-totally screwed without her, so... so... I g-g-gotta stay worthy! B.D.: You know, I never used to think much about worthiness. Toggle: And... now? Boopsie: Baby? Don't forget to plug in your leg before our walk tonight! B.D.: Now I do. Toggle: You... worthy, lieutenant.
Nov 12, 2012
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