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By Garry Trudeau
Sep 22, 2012
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Mark: Wow...l he hasn't aged a day! Hey, stranger! Chase: Wow, has he aged! Mark: While the rest of the world discusses gay marriage, this show likes to stay ahead of the curve... which is why I've invited my ex to join me today to discuss gay divorce! Welcome back, Chase. Chase: Thanks, Mark. Mark: Chase, when you and I split, gay marriage was still illegal, so you and I had no access to the courts... Chase: Correct. This is one of the overlooked arguments for gay marriage... Mark: Our right to the protections afforded by existing divorce law! Chase: Exactly, Mark, in fact... Mark: Including the equitable division of property, right? Chase: Uh... great ambush. Mark: Like, if you had four Persian carpets, your ex should get two! Only fair, right?
Sep 24, 2012
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