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By Garry Trudeau
Feb 26, 2011
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Voice: Tonight on "NBC Nightly News... something cute we found on Youtube. Tonight on our broadcast, all eyes are on the news we've been tracking throughout the day right here in our newsroom. Nightly news begins now! From NBC News World Headquarters in New York, this is "NBC Nightly News," without very own Brian Williams! Williams: Good evening. Tonight, an exclusive look at an unfolding story, and for that we turn to our very own man on the ground, who covers such things for us on CNBC and MSNBC< both part of our NBC family, and thanks to him for that. As always, he is standing by in the bitter cold from his perch on the scene, where he's been in the thick of it for us exclusively for several days now. His report can be seen in its entirety both here tonight and tomorrow on "Today," and, of course, on our MSNBC web site, with our thanks to them as well. More on us when our very own broadcast continues.
Feb 28, 2011
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