Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau


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  1. ✯✯ Vista Bill Raley and Comet ✯✯

    ✯✯ Vista Bill Raley and Comet ✯✯ GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    Yea! The Red Rascal is coming back.

  2. Frankr

    Frankr said, about 6 years ago

    That may not be a legacy that Rick wants to acknowledge.

  3. Sheik Yerbouti

    Sheik Yerbouti said, about 6 years ago

    The Red Rascal seems to exercise his imagination more than anything else. On the other hand, Rick’s main exercise seems to be jumping to conclusions. This comic strip appears to me to be concerned with the exercise of free speech despite some naysayers.

  4. randgrithr

    randgrithr said, about 6 years ago

    Psyops kitteh does psyops.

  5. Sandfan

    Sandfan GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    Yeah, his legacy will be right there with Wrong Way Corrigan and Enron.

  6. napaeric

    napaeric said, about 6 years ago

    OK, another mission, now I am curious about what we are about to find out.

  7. Potrzebie

    Potrzebie said, about 6 years ago

    So what is his legacy? Firing a missile by accident and shooting down a chopper? What else? screwing up some message deliveries?

  8. BrianCrook

    BrianCrook said, about 6 years ago

    Rick has a legacy. He kept alive the story of Kimberlin, AND he was interviewed by David Halberstam for his follow-up to The Powers That Be, La Creme De La Creme.

    It’s time for Jeff to get a real job. That young man is a real waste of protoplasm. Isn’t it interesting how admirable & interesting are Joanie & Rick and how poorly have Joanie’s children turned out?

  9. Lewreader

    Lewreader said, about 6 years ago

    I think one of the problems with the comments on this strip is nobody will admit to being a moderate or that the views of another are moderate. One cannot be left/right on all subjects.

    I believe we must drill for oil domestically–I’m a capitalist I believe in mass transportation—I’m a communist I believe that suburban sprawl causes energy consumption and pollution– I’m anti-middle class I believe that over 1/3rd is a high tax—I love the rich

    I could go one but no thinking man can endorse either party platform. Both have good and bad points. One side would have me murder babies and save murderers while the other would let me buy mail order guns to defend family values,

    Ecologists are long haired leftist tree-huggers Fishermen and hunters were the first ecologists

    Somewhere there is a middle ground. Me calling you a commie will get answered by you calling me a Nazi. Wow, haven’t we accomplished a lot.

    I find it odd that a Democrat minority member (Irish Catholic) could say a Republican sounding truism like this:

    Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

    Guess what America, gotta work together.

  10. freeholder1

    freeholder1 said, about 6 years ago

    Wow, baslim, you mean you are now criticizing everyone criticizing in the spirit of letting them say whatever they want? You see the contradiction? Wouldn’t it be letting them say whatever they want by letting them criticize?

  11. Justice22

    Justice22 said, about 6 years ago

    A healthy body, a healthy mind?????????? Another myth.

  12. freeholder1

    freeholder1 said, about 6 years ago

    By the way, i agree with the criticism. eMail it to Fox and MSNBC and get them to give up their ratings.

  13. diggitt

    diggitt said, about 6 years ago

    JJ is EXACTLY the kind of mother Joanie was. Joanie abandoned her family when JJ was little, and JJ abandoned Mike and Alex when Alex was little. Joanie abandoned her family for the cause of personal freedom and growth; JJ may have used the same words but was abandoning responsibility for a life with Zeke, a thug if ever there was one.

    Hard to parse out what went wrong with Jeff but hey – it’s a comic strip!

  14. Dragoncat

    Dragoncat GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 years ago

    Stay tuned for yet another thrill-packed (and possibly hilarious) episode of…

    THE RED RASCAL!!!!!!

    Coming soon to a newspaper nearest you.

  15. rotts

    rotts said, about 6 years ago

    Lew, the problem with your “1/3 tax” statement is that hardly anyone ever pays that much.

    First, it’s not one third of your entire taxable income, it’s one third of the excess over the next lower bracket.

    And, second, anyone at that tax level can find enough deductions to reduce his/her income to a lower bracket.

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