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By Garry Trudeau
Jul 3, 2010
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Malia: Seen Daddy? Michelle: He's shaving. Malia: Not again! Daddy? Barack: I'm shaving, Malia. Be out in a minute. Malia: Daddy, have you plugged the hole yet? Barack: Well, Malia, it's not quite... Sasha: Dad! Have you ended the wars yet? Malia: Hey! I'm talking to Daddy! Barack: Yes, hold on, Sasha. Now, Malia, with respect to the hole... Malia: What about the economy? Have you fixed that yet? Sasha: The economy? Who cares about the stinky economy? Barack: Girls, I really have to get... Malia: How about the deficit? You promised! Sasha: I want to know if he fixed the hole! Michelle: Barack? Did you fix the schools like I asked? Barack: Hey! Everyone out! Malia: Chill, Dad - you'll get gray hair. Sasha: Eww! He's  bleeding!
Jul 5, 2010
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