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By Garry Trudeau
Dec 27, 2008
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Sam: Zonker, what's it like at the top? Zonker: Good question, Sam... I'll ask around. Sam: Thanks. Zonker: Sam, have you noticed what a bad time it is for elites? Sam: No. No, I hadn't. Zonker: Well, I have! When businesses cut back these days, who do they fire? Their most knowledgeable experienced hands! Why? Because rookies are cheaper! But what they don't understand is that they're losing the folks most responsible for their success! Look at me - I'm a very senior, elite waiter... but I'll be the first fired, even though I'm the institutional memory of our business! I know where the pickles are kept, when we're low on napkins, how many... Sam: Zonker, what are you saying? That I shouldn't try to become good at what I do? Zonker: That doesn't sound right, does it? Sam: I can never understand your advice.
Dec 29, 2008
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