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By Garry Trudeau
Mar 8, 2008
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Man: Why is March so gloomy here? Maybe I should rename it. Earl: It's step one of our proposal to re-brand the country, Excellency. We'd like to position Berzerkistan as one of the world's last great undiscovered tourist destinations! Assuming, of course, there's something to see. Man: There is. The frontier is spectacular. Especially during the month of Trff. Earl: The month of what, sir? Man: Trff. You know it as April. Earl: Trff, as in your given name? Man: Yes. I re-named the month in honor of myself. Earl: Got it. So describe Tff in Berzerkistan. Man: It's dazzling. The Alpine trff are in full bloom. Flocks of trff blacken the sky...
Mar 10, 2008
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