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By Garry Trudeau
Nov 10, 2007
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Zipper: This is too much pressure... no way I can answer all these! Message: Heads up, dude - Professor Atkins just asked  you a question. Zipper: About what? Message: No clue. I just heard your name. Zipper: Maybe if I ignore her, she'll think I'm taking notes. Message: She just asked you again, man. Four major greenhouse gases. Zipper: Stall her while I Google it. Voice: Professor? We couldn't hear the question back here. Could you repeat it? Professor: I asked Zipper to name four major greenhouse gases. Zipper: Water vapor, CO2, ozone and methane. Professor: Uh... right. Message: You owe me, dude. Zipper: If this keeps up, I'll never get through my e-mail.
Nov 12, 2007
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