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By Garry Trudeau
Sep 17, 2002
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Zonker:  David Geffen is still blocking beach access?  Ol' Surfer Dude: Yes.  For 19 years, the music lord has fenced out the public.  Zonker: But this is California! The beaches here belong to everyone! It's the law!  Ol' Surfer Dude: Mansion owners are now a law unto themselves.  Zonker: Damn! I thought this issue was way settled!  Ol' Surfer Dude: Way not! It is time for you to return to the fray, young halibut!  Zonker:  No...No! I was out! Don't do this to me!  Ol' Surfer Dude: It's your destiny, Surfs-with-otters!
Sep 19, 2002
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