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By Garry Trudeau
Jan 23, 1999
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Honey: Minnesota - the land of cheese and honey!  I wonder if I should send for my family... Earl: I hope the governor assigns us some meaningful work soon.  Dad was pretty disappointed in how the inaugural party went down... I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to bolt!  Honey: Well, I hope not. I like it here.  Earl: You do?  Honey: Yup. I've been developing some new interests...ever since I out-grew socialism, I've been looking for a new belief system.  Last month I discovered witchcraft.  Earl: Witchcraft? In Minnesota?  Honey: Uh-huh. I've been taking classes down at the community center. At this point, I'd be very reluctant to abandon my coven.  Duke: Your what?  Earl: Why?  Honey: I like all the huddling. Also, they have excellent cold remedies.
Jan 25, 1999
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