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By Garry Trudeau
Aug 15, 1998
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Mark: Two minutes to air-time, Buck.  Buck Tobias: Excellent!  Mark: Like a beer?  Buck Tobias: Please.  Mark: You're listening to Chase and Mark, and we're back with Buck Tobias, a leader of this spring's beer riots at Michigan State.  So, Buck, remind us what the issue was - your right to binge, was it not?  Buck Tobias: Correct. The university was trying to limit it.  The student body had to take action. We couldn't just stand idly by as the administration systematically dismantled our fundamental right to party.  And it wasn't just us. The pro-binge movement has been sparking riots everywhere - Washington State, Ohio, U Conn... The students involved in these uprisings are way committed - like the hippie-rebel dudes of yore!  Mark: Yore? Of yore?  Chase: So you see some parallels, do you?  Buck Tobias: Only on a moral level.  Obviously, we dress better.
Aug 17, 1998
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