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By Garry Trudeau
Nov 21, 1992
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Jeff: Hey, dad? Rick: Uh-oh...He's going to ask for help with his homework...how's homework going tonight, sport? Jeff: Okay, I guess, dad. Do you know who Cortez was? Rick: Um...Cortez? Well, lemme see...he was...some sort of sailor or something. Jeff: No, he helped conquer Mexico. How about Cabot? Rick: Cabot...rings a bell...he was...let's see... Jeff: He explored the northeast coast of America in 1497 and 1498...Some of the other key explorers were Magellan, who almost made it around the world, and Vespucci, who checked out South America and Da Gama, who sailed to India! Rick: Very interesting. Why are you telling me all this? Jeff: Um...I dunno. I guess I feel sorry for you. Rick: You what? Jeff: You don't seem to know anything, dad.
Nov 23, 1992
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