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By Garry Trudeau
Aug 10, 1991
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Aren't most 19th century Russian novels more comprehensible? Dont't despair! Like most big-time operations, Doonesbury has an easy-to-follow organizational chart! And now, for the first time, it's being made available to you at the low, low cost of this Sunday paper! Enjoy! Doonesbury Organizational Chart - 1991 Honey: Love-slave to Duke, currently hostess at Club Scud. Duke: Former U.S. envoy to Panama, owner of Club Scud in Kuwait. Zonker: Ex-pro tannist, Duke's nephew, fan of rocker Jimmy Thudpucker. Jimmy: Singer-activist, wrote campaign song for Ginny. Ginny: Lawyer, former roommate of Joanie, once ran against Lacey. Clyde: Ex-homeboy, current cookie czar, married to Ginny. Widow D.: Farmer and car dealer, mother of Mike and Sal. Sal: Dr. Whoopee sales Rep, brother of Mike Doonesbury. Zeke: Caretaker of Duke's Colorado home until shot by employer. Alex: Daughter of J.J. and Mike, nannied by Zonker Harris. Joanie: Lawyer, mother of J.J. and Jeff, married to Rick by Scot. Roland: TV correspondent, tried to pick up Joanie in a laundromat. Ray: Wounded Gulf War vet; along with B.D., hooked by Mr. Butts. Mr. Butts: Figment of Mike's imagination, bartender at Club Scud. Mike: Unemployed; along with Mark and B.D., co-founder of Walden. J.J.: Artist, married
Aug 12, 1991
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