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By Garry Trudeau
Sep 23, 1989
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History: Hmmm...Nixon's up for review again...boy, that guy's persistent! Mark: Hey, history! History: Uh-oh...it's that damn reporter again... Mark: Got some more stuff on the REagan era - over 1,000 criminal investigations into the activities of Hud! You can add that to all the ongoing investigations of Pentagon procurement fraud during the Reagan military build-up...not to mention all the Iranscam trials and investigations, and the various scandals involving Meese, Deaver, Watt, Casey, Eick, and over 100 other senior officals! So what's going to be your judgment of Reagan, history? Did he preside over the sleaziest, most corrupt administration in history or what? History: Gosh, I dunno...he seemed so nice. Mark: History, do you even look at any of this stuff? History: Look, I'm really backed up, okay? Nixon and Kissinger are in here every day!
Sep 25, 1989
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