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By Garry Trudeau
Aug 12, 1989
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Mike: Ever read the bill of rights, Zonker? Zonker: Sure. To be honest, though, I thought it dragged a bit in the middle. So what do you think of the anti-flag-burning amendment, Mike? Mike: I'm for it. Aren't you? Zonker: Sure! How could anyone be for flag burning? Mike: Beats me. Of course, "physical desecration" is a tricky business...for instance, will it be illegal to burn a paper flag? Or to tear up a photo of a flag? How about cutting a cake decorated with a flag? And what about flag clothing? Are you a patriot if you wear a flag t-shirt, but a felon if you wear flag pants? And what does that make Uncle Sam? And what about art - who decides whether a flag painting is a desecration or an homage? Also, what about other national symbols, like the eagle or the statue of liberty? Or state flags? Or the confederate flag? All sacred to somebody - should they be protected? also, since burning is the only sanctioned way of disposing of a worn out flag, aren't we really outlawing an idea instead of an act? And, if so, what other ideas do we outlaw? Zonker: Wine bars, movie sequels, Ralph Lauren - use your imagination, Mike! Mike: It's a brave new world, compadre.
Aug 14, 1989
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