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By Garry Trudeau
Jun 17, 1988
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Roland: You know, Boopsie, we can talk about the Afghan rebs, we can talk about solidarity. But I gather you feel the real Cold War shock troops have been western rockers, right?  Boopsie: That's right, Roland! Once you have a Billy Joel in the U.S.S.R. or a George Michael in China, there's just no turning back! As they say, "rock 'n' roll will set you free!" Rock 'n' roll is all about challenges to authority, so instead of B-1's, we should be sending them U-2! Before using stingers, we shoud hit them with Sting! Let's make 'em bop 'til they drop! Let's...  Roland: Excuse me, Boopsie! Here come the Merrill Lynch prancing bulls!
Jun 19, 1988
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