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By Garry Trudeau
Mar 2, 1985
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Mark: So how'd we do in the ratings last week, Spanky Lee? Spanky: You must be joking. Mark: I'm going to turn it around, you know! It's now 3:00 A.M., and we're still chatting up a storm with NRA point man Pete Springfield. Pete, I wonder if you would share with our listeners some of your truly amazing thoughts about vigilantism. Pete: I'd be glad to. Crime prevention is much like nuclear deterrence, Mark. Mutual assured destruction is the key. If all of us fought back, preferably with handguns, your average scum would be forced to think twice before following someone for video game money. My feeling is that the crime victim who won't risk his life over a few bucks deserves what he gets. He invites crime by failing to resist it. Mark: Okay, to sum up the real reason for street crime? Pete: Permissive victims.
Mar 4, 1985
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