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By Garry Trudeau
Oct 21, 1978
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Duke: Take his head off, "Lava-lava"! Figuratively, Lenny. Figuratively! Man: hey, what's the deal, boss? Why'd you pull me out? Duke: Why do you think, "Lava-lava"? You're playing like an old lady in there! Man: Hey, what do you mean? I've been... Duke: Completely asleep! You haven't had moer than five sacks all quarter! What's gotten into you? Man: Nothin', boss, really. I... Duke: Look, Lenny, I now you! As well as any man alive! Don't you think I can tell when something's bother you? You hold these things inside and you hurt the whole team! Do you understand what I'm saying, big fellah? Man: Yeah, I do. It's just that I... I... Duke: You what, Lenny? I want to help. But you have to let me. Man: Well, I... I broke my leg. Duke: Oh, for crying out loud! Get back in there!
Oct 23, 1978
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