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By Garry Trudeau
Aug 30, 1973
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Alice: Lissen, men-folk, seein' how this here's my birthday - which you all kindly remembered - I wanna take the floor to tell a story, about me growin' up in New York... when I was about 16, I used to stand outside the Plaza Hotel at Christmas time to watch the debutantes arrivin'. "Hi, Gloria!" I'd yell, "hi, Wendy! Hi, Consuela! Hi, Christina!" ... but they never waved back... years later, I finally figured out that society and money don't really mean "class" at all! The folks here are the ones with the class. - They got time for an ol' lady... Man: Bring on the violins! Man: Hee, hee! Zonker: That was beautiful, Alice.
Sep 1, 1973
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