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By Garry Trudeau
Nov 27, 1971
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Mark: Why, thank you!! Amazing! Here's another article with evidence lunch contradicts the official explanation of the kent state shootings!
Mike: So?
Mark: What do you mean, "so?" Doesn't all that deceit irk you?!
Mike: Sure. But the attorney general has closed the case!
Mark: Exactly! Mitchell closed the case for political reasons, knowing he could jive a weary public! Think about that!
Mike: I'd rather not. It's foolish to commit yourself to worrying about just one atrocity... For example, if I were to get myself into a state of impotent rage was over a year ago, my indignation over attica would be compromised. Personally, I think John Mitchell did us a favor by dismissing Kent State, because now we can concentrate of fresher more recent, tragedies. Hand me the comics will ya?
Nov 29, 1971
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