Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. cpalmeresq

    cpalmeresq said, about 6 hours ago

    So when is Gruesome going to ‘lose it’, after being called Karloff 1 too many times.

  2. Gweedo - It's legal here !!! -  Murray

    Gweedo - It's legal here !!! - Murray GoComics PRO Member said, about 6 hours ago

    I like his defeated look !

  3. Neil Wick

    Neil Wick said, about 5 hours ago


    So when is Gruesome going to ‘lose it’, after being called Karloff 1 too many times.

    I was wondering that too, but it seems like he’s becoming resigned to it. Also, the last couple of people in the theatre to address him as Gruesome, he didn’t even argue back.

    Meanwhile, Tracy is buried under scenery flats, but luckily, they’re not too heavy and it doesn’t look like anyone was badly injured (if injured at all).

    It seems that Gruesome’s “smoke screen” was enough to let him get away, but I think he’ll be found out soon enough.

    I expect that Sydney won’t approve of Lizz going in to check on the guys, but I don’t suppose her car is in usable condition, and I think they need to strategize as a team. It shouldn’t take them long to track down Gruesome and Einstein once they dust themselves off.

  4. abdullahbaba999

    abdullahbaba999 said, about 5 hours ago

    Does anybody really know what an explosion does to the human brain? I love the funny pages…

  5. JonahHex

    JonahHex said, about 5 hours ago

    Watch the SCU nab the Nitrates instead of Gruesome….

  6. DaJellyBelly

    DaJellyBelly said, about 4 hours ago

    It’s nice that Joe & Mike acknowledge Forest J. Ackerman in the first panel! Forest published a magazine titles “Monsterland” for many years.


    SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 hours ago

    Well I’ll easily buy into that one . . . It was FANTASTIC !

    They were standing within arms reach of each other, before the explosion, later - – Tracy Is buried under layers of doors and litter, while we find Gruesome walking calmly out the building, without a spec of dust.

    But I guess with Tracy holding a Gun, they needed to show that his advantage was effectively “put out”; the picture.
    As Neil observed (in effect), if the police looked - “*too efficient*” the story might be BORING (?).
    Judged by that “yard-stick” you’ll likely agree, the Authors are doing an “excellent” job !
    Patton may not do it, so we may have to wait for Mayor Armstrong to call the MCU in . . ./ On the Carpet !

    One of the things that ‘sticks in my mind’ from the Locher years, is a (Feb.10th, 2009) sequence when (in the Angelorious case, Dr. Noll shot – on the ground) Tracy urgently called via Wrist Geenee - “911 Fast” .
    Language with a connotation of ‘crack efficiency’, In a way that scenario was mind-full of the current tale, by story’s end, the police had still failed to “*appear*” ! ?

    Perhaps, it’s appropriate then, that the destination for today be the Locher Auditorium. A ‘Hail-Fellow-Well-Met’ scenario ? For who knows, perhaps it’s the same Squad (sorry, Unit) - that had been called in, as the Reinforcements ?

    If Dicky Locher still reads the strip, recalls his less focused contributions and the more pointed comments here . . . Today, we may guess, he ‘knowingly’ SMILED ! ?

    “Been there, done that” ! ?

  8. TammiFunnies

    TammiFunnies said, about 3 hours ago

    What about Junior and Sparkle? And incidentally, whatever happened to Sparkle Jr? Will she return for the birth of her newest sibling?

  9. coldsooner

    coldsooner GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 hours ago

    HA! Good one JonaHex. I also gotta agree with Neil W that Gruesome is becoming “resigned” to being called Karloff. He also has a lot on his mind other than that right now…

  10. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos said, about 3 hours ago

    Should we not, detectives, have a moment of concern for Vitamin Flintheart, Mel, Agate Annie Stone, and other cast and crew members who may be buried in the wreckage, alive and possibly injured, or dead, before dashing off in all directions to capture a crook who has made a clean getaway? Or are we obsessed with Gruesome, since Sam, Tracy, and Lizz all have bungled arrest attempts?

  11. davidf42

    davidf42 said, about 1 hour ago

    Morning, Tracyville!
    Actually, panel three pretty well illustrates the confusion inherent in an emergency situation like this. People will call for their loved ones first, and then check on the others. That’s what Lizz is doing. Once Tracy and Sam have been found to be all right, then they will all search for Vitamin, and then Mel, Stone, and the others.

  12. ✯✯ VistaBill ✯✯

    ✯✯ VistaBill ✯✯ GoComics PRO Member said, 29 minutes ago

    Good morning guys… a bit late today!

    So much happening! Tracy survives yet another explosion. Is anyone in the audience injured? Does the fire department respond to this kind of situation? What does the rest of the police force do in a situation like this? Where are the tv news people? Personally, I like things the way they are. Tracy, Sam, and Liz don’t need no stinkin’ assistance!

  13. SKJAM!

    SKJAM! said, 1 minute ago

    I suspect Gruesome’s sigh is one of, “so many people I need to kill, so little opportunity to actually do so.”

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