Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. Rod Gonzalez

    Rod Gonzalez said, 10 months ago

    Well . . .

  2. Jonathan K.

    Jonathan K. said, 10 months ago

    We assume Dr. Ghote was killed?

  3. 60sFan

    60sFan said, 10 months ago

    The space coupe is awesome. I hope this isn’t the last time we see it in use. Meanwhile, how does Diet plan to “help” Mysta?

  4. margueritem

    margueritem GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    What help will Diet offer? Stay tuned!

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 10 months ago

    How can he help beyond giving her the bad news that her moon colony has been abandoned.

  6. W H H

    W H H GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Things are really going down quickly now.

    I don’t think Mumbles is so bad a shot that he missed Dr. Ghote from about 4 feet away. So yes, I’m going to take a wild guess and say he’s dead.

  7. blunebottle

    blunebottle said, 10 months ago

    ……and, where is Mumbles? And Doubleup? And the body????

  8. W H H

    W H H GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago


    He can take her safely away from the fire fight for one thing.

  9. blunebottle

    blunebottle said, 10 months ago

    Sparkle consoling the Mystery Mysta……she’s got class.

  10. PatrickDC202

    PatrickDC202 said, 10 months ago

    Well, regarding Mumbles, it very well could have been the thugs from the Apparatus?

    Regarding Diet Smith, I wonder why the sense of urgency to get to Mysta so quickly?

    Could it be that Dr. Ghote developed a conscience (off-screen) and confided in Diet Smith some plot hatched by the apparatus to commandeer the Space Coupe and raid Moon Valley, using Moon Maid as a hostage to get at the vast store of precious gems that were in abundance there? Was this all an interstellar robbery and hostage plan?

    I can only imagine what Diet Smith must know…


  11. coldsooner

    coldsooner GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago


    I was thinking the same thing. Probably because she comes from good stock.

  12. JonahHex

    JonahHex said, 10 months ago

    Should be VERY interesting watching how this plays out.

  13. the too late song

    the too late song said, 10 months ago

    Yeah. I know. I couldn’t sleep. I guess I’ll read Dick Tracy…and you know what? I’m not at all disappointed.

  14. the too late song

    the too late song said, 10 months ago

    Oh, By the way, In Vitamin Flintheart’s earlier stage appearance , expressing woe that friends will depart I hope Diet Smith will still be with us and not get caught in the crossfire.

  15. Willy007

    Willy007 said, 10 months ago

    I have a theory about Mysta’s true identity, based on observations that go all the way back to the beginning of her story. I’ve compared evidence presented in the strip with comments Mike Curtis has made in the Dick Tracy Yahoo group, and I have growing confidence that the theory is correct, especially after seeing today’s strip. Since not everyone wants to read Mike’s comments, I’ve argued my hypothesis in the Yahoo group. You can click the link below if you’d like to read it.

    Mysta’s True Identity?

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