1. Airhornmissc
    Liverlips McCracken gc insider 3 months ago

    This is not going to end well.

  2. Missing large
    alionjww  3 months ago

    Yay! Thompson has rebooted the Petey character to be more easy going.

  3. Th giraffe
    lazygrazer  3 months ago

    It never occurred to me that Petey’s bedroom was UPstairs. What an enlightening day this is turning out to be. :)

  4. Gothic hand
    erin.adamic  3 months ago

    Oh no … Alice, please tell me you’re being sarcastic …

  5. Missing large
    neatslob gc insider 3 months ago

    Oh, the things the Petey has to put up with…

  6. Thinker
    Sisyphos  3 months ago

    Little Sisters can be poison to an introverted and sensitive big brother.

    Peace, Petey! This too shall pass (but not before doing tornadic damage to your shoebox diorama collection, alas).

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