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Cul de Sac

By Richard Thompson
Jul 19, 2008
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Petey: Dad, why are we stopping here? Dad: Let's get some watermelons! Petey: I hate produce. Dad: Petey. Alice: Is he Pulpy Joe? Man: Me? Do you not know the story of Pulpy Joe? They say he was a farmer with fancy ideas about growing the world's largest watermelon. They say he sold his soul to the Devil, at the crossroads, at midnight... but the watermelon Joe grew was puny. He mocked the Devil, who said that Joe's soul wasn't no bargain neither. So the Devil cursed him. Now Pulpy Joe wanders the land lookin' for his head, but in vain. Petey: Wow! Produce is cool! Mom: How about that? Man: Good day to you. Man: Did you just think that up? Man: Naw, it's a screenplay I'm writing. Do you think it'd work better with a grapefruit?
Jul 21, 2008
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